Kindle for Android

I downloaded the Kindle for Android a few weeks ago and am just now kicking the tires. I’ve ordered a book, and I’m about half way through.

I didn’t know what to expect regarding the ease of reading on the small G1 screen. I’m half-way through a light read, and the screen size is not an issue at all for me. Neither is the mechanics of the app.

There were some e-book readers on the market already, like Aldiko, but the book selection stunk. Kindle has a huge selection of books, and ordering (and getting them on the device) could not be any easier.

I give this one two thumbs up. I will definitely be reading more books on my G1.

Thank you North Shore LIJ Hospital

Hey, hey, hey. Seems like I’m on a streak of likes instead of vents.

This like goes out to North Shore LIJ Hospital. Why? My 9 month old some had a minor procedure there about a month ago. Too be honest, no small procedure is without worrying from a parent. In my nervous nelly opinion anyway.

For me, with hospitals, or anything health related for that matter, the seemingly little things make a huge difference. It amazes me how many ignore the little things. Maybe I’ll cover that in another post.

So what little things did North Shore LIJ do to ensure we were comfortable and ensure us that our son was in good hands?

First, the person who called the night before for the pre-surgical instructions was thorough, patient, and polite.

Second, the staff on hand in the lobby were polite, helpful and laid out the expectations on what we should do next.

Third, the waiting area was clean. Almost spotless. I’ve seen too many hospitals and doctors’ offices with dungy waiting areas.

Fourth, I saw how pleasantly the staff was treating every patient that came in.

Fifth, the nurses were polite and thorough. Both before and after the procedure.

Last, the doc was nice too. Which we had known before going to the hospital.

To me, if they are that attentive to the little things, the big things are a given. I was reassured by a confident, friendly staff–up and down the line. Plus it’s nice to deal with people who appear to like what they are doing and where they are working.

It doesn’t end here. A few weeks ago we got a detailed survey in the mail. Constant feedback, which they obviously address.

We’re not through… An apparent billing snafu is currently being addressed. My wife commented on the experience with the call to their billing deptartment as pleasant. Billing department, pleasant, and hospital are usually never in the same sentence!

Thank you again North Shore LIJ.

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Raspberry Beer?

Or raspberry wheat brew? I have to say, I was skeptical. I got a beer gift pack/sampler for Christmas and this poor lonely bottle went untouched. Out of curiosity, I cracked the bad boy open tonight. Expecting to take just one sip, I was pleasantly surprised. It was great, actually. The raspberry taste was faint. And the beer was light and smooth. Now I have to find this Purple Haze stuff around here: