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Touched by the gift from the Tomahawks 2026 family. Thank you so very much. I feel we hit the youth sports lottery having so many great kids and families that made it all enjoyable and rewarding. The boys’ skill and teamwork on the field was fun to watch…

Some pics from this weekend’s games. (📷 @rebels26inferno | @jiakuen21 )

Very last game with the 2026 Tomahawks. Came out on top as champions in the top division against the best of the best competition. Couldn’t be prouder. I could not have asked for better teammates, coaches, and families through all these years. 🥍

📝 Who wants a copy of our internal UGC Content Brief template that we give to our creators for TikTok ads?

To which, one creator replied: “I’ve never seen a brand go into this much detail before” 🎯

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