Thoughts On Conspiracy Theories

Something Joe Rogan brought up on his podcast. Even the most outrageous conspiracy theories have some elements of truth to them, which further emboldens the theory.

For example, is Twitter conspiring with the left to silence right wing views?

There most likely isn’t some grand sinister plan going on, but…

Is Twitter’s moderation biased? Or their moderators? Jack Dorsey acknowledged that there is an imbalance.

So while the entire conspiracy theory is off, there is some truth involved.

To take Rogan’s theory one step further. I believe for the a conspiracy theory to go from emboldened to full blown, there is a denial from the opposing side that there is any truth to the claims.

So you have nonsense latched on to some truth and the desire to dig one’s heals into a debate over it.

Further compounding this is the ability to find hundreds or thousands of like minded people latching on to the same flawed conclusions proving more confirmation bias to their theories.

There has to be some documented psychology behind all of this.