Yankee Stadium

Got to go to my first Yankee game this year. First time in the new stadium.

Overall, the new stadium is awesome. I loved it. The prices of food and drink are outrageous, but for a purely gamewatching experience, it’s perfect.

My ticket was less than $30. It was nosebleeds, but not a bad view. If you do venture out to buy a $10 beer, at least you can see the game from the open air concession areas. And the concessions run around the entire length of the stadium, so there are no lines.

It wasn’t very crowded, but there were no bathroom lines at all.

Before, during, and after the game, the walkways around the stadium are roomy enough so that there aren’t any logjams. Very non-claustrophobic. The old stadium is like a dungeon compared to this one.

I got there early, and they let you get up close to watch BP.

Also the staff are super friendly. They had to have gone through some extensive training.

I don’t want to hear how it’s not family or kid friendly. With some planning, you can enjoy it without blowing a ton of money.