Welcome to End Scatterbrain, more to come soon

Hello. My name is Matt Soreco. And I’m scatterbrained. Sometimes. Enough to realize it. It took a long time for me to identify the occasional lack of concentration and focus, which can lead to frustration, which can lead to a further lack of concentration. I believe it manifested itself in several ways. Occasional blabbering when speaking–loss train of thought, which can snowball. And inability to take a casual interest in things.

The thing is… I can be extremely productive when I put my mind to it. My goal is to tap into that energy and apply it to things I want to do (like taking on new hobbies), just like I do with things I must do (work, family, etc.).

This will be a journey. I only recently had this realization. And I think-AHA-I may be on to something here. I will try new things. Practice advice out there (on blogs, books, etc.).  I might change course. Often. Or I might get it all right the first time around. Unlikely.

I will soon be posting what I’ve done so far, how I came to this realization, and how I plan to end my occasional scatterbrain.There will be book reviews, blog reviews, advice and things I’ve leaned and have worked, and much more. I hope you can learn from my experience, help me along the way, or both.