Waitin’ on my cupcake

Don’t let my negative posts against my G1 fool you. I like it, but it’s not perfect.

Some of the bugs/annoyances I’ve posted about are getting addressed in an upcoming “cupcake” update (should be next week):

Here’s a list of new features and improvements:

I love to see they are fixing the camera. Right now, it’s borderline useless unless you like blurry messes as pictures.

GPS too. I’m glad that was addressed. It was too unreliable.

I can do without the on screen keyboard. My fat fingers prefer the slide out.

I’m psyched about video feature. That’s a welcome addition that I have not heard about in the rumor mill.

I’m sad to see no mention of improvements to battery life. At least the short battery life has enforced some discipline in me to carry around a charger or have them accessible where I go. I haven’t been stuck with a dead phone yet–which used to happen to me too often before.

Hopefully this time around, my wife doesn’t get the update days before me–and proceed to rub it in the entire time.

Here is a video: