Training Update

It’s been a week since my last post. I REALLY need to jog more often. My goal is every other day, but it seems to have slipped to once or twice per week.

Well I attempted a run yesterday. I was off to a really good pace, but just kind of lost interest half way through and stopped short. I really could have pushed on, but I had a little too much on my mind and I kind of felt fatigued in my right hip. I’m a mental case when it comes to distractions during my jogs.

Well the fatigue might have been due to starting up P90X on Thursday! I’m not following the plan as they have it outlined yet. Rather I’m going to run through each DVD once or twice to see what they are all about, see where I stack up, and do some trial and error before committing to it full time. I like to know what to expect when following along on a tape or DVD. This is especially true when it will come to the band movements. I’d rather go through it once or twice to not only get my body ready, but also to know what I need to do equipment wise.

I did the Kempo DVD. I kept up well, but my kicking form was lacking. I’m glad it’s form I have to work on rather than cardio. I feel I’m in good cardio shape as to not have that be an obstacle for this or for other training efforts (resistance / HIIT, etc). Back to going through the DVDs a few times first… I’d like to have perfect form throughout before starting the program up fully.

It’s a nice day today. I hope to get a good solid 3 miles in. If I consistently break 30 minutes, I’m going to try to up the distance. Ideally I’d like to maintain a cardio workout for 30-40 minutes. Maybe instead of focusing on distance, I’ll do 40 minute runs.