Training and Nutrition Update

I’ve hit a nice groove. My diet and nutritional intake has been the best since… well the best my entire life probably. Thinking back, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten enough fruits and vegetables on any consistent basis. With the help of my new fancy VitaMix blender, that’s changed. So besides getting leaner, I’m also getting healthier. The smoothies and juices I’ve been making are pretty good. I’ll have to post some of my better “recipes.” I don’t need to force myself to drink them, which means that the habit should easily become long-lasting. I’m doing it very smart and safe this time. I’m slam dunking my Healthy Living Checklist, which I’ve updated.

I guess it’s because I’m truly eating right, I’m really not feeling hungry at all. In previous years, the calorie restricting seemed much harder–probably because I was eating lean only (no veggies and fruits).

Thanks to the cooler weather we’ve been having. Thanks to eating right. Thanks to the fact that I’ve dropped 14 lbs since March. And thanks to me started this up again this year much earlier than previous years (hopefully I don’t have to “start” again next year!). Thanks to those things for helping me run some of my best runs ever. My last two 3 mile runs were 28:01 and 28:31. In previous years I didn’t get back to these times until September.

I have 12 more lbs to go for my goal, which I originally set for late September. At my rate, I should hit it by early August. We’ll see.

I have 22 more lbs to go for my stretch goal, which would bring me back to my college day’s weight. We’ll see. As mentioned in my previous post, after reaching my original goal, I’m going to stop weight loss mode completely for a while. Then focus on more athletic things like sprints, resistance training, etc.

To do:

  • Maintain what I’ve been doing and reach weight loss goal.
  • Incorporate sprinting and HIIT by Fall
  • Incorporate resistance training by Fall