Trader Joe’s Doing Well with No Social Media Whatsoever

Something kind of weird happened earlier this week. I happened to be thinking of healthy protein muffins. Since I’ve been exercising a lot more and watching what I’ve been eating, I thought these would be a good healthy and filling treat. What does this have to do with the blog title? Not much, yet.

Coincidentally I got a Trader Joe’s flyer (more like a mini newspaper) in the mail the other day. Lo and behold they sell protein muffins and they were on sale! Talk about relevant ads! What does this have to do with the blog title? Still not much, yet.

I know of a few locations around me, so I was set to go the next day to pick some up (with some other things that caught my eye). Before I did however, I decided to learn a little more about them in the social media space. Maybe look at (or ask) what people were saying about the muffins. What did I find? Crickets chirping.

Nothing. Nada. No twitter, no facebook, no blog. Nada.

Hmmm. This is odd. How can an eclectic trend-setting establishment have  zero presence in the social media space? A place like Trader Joe’s is a perfect fit for the kinds of fans social media attracts. Surely the social media “gurus” must be as perplexed as I am.

Still baffled today I did a little searching. It appears that they are very secretive. And also insanely successful.

I still went and bought the muffins. I suspect the lack of social media doesn’t hold any of their other customers back either.

It kind of makes you think. Really how important are twitter, facebook, etc?

Oh, by the way, I don’t recommend their protein power muffins. They are a lot smaller than I expected, and kind of gooey. I do recommend their jalapeño jack cheese though!

I do think brands can use social media to attract, engage, etc. I’ve become a fan of MMA and the UFC. Sports wise, there is no comparison to what they’ve been doing in social media. I love it. BUT, despite what the blog “gurus” are saying, sometimes there isn’t a perfect fit/niche/audience worth all the effort and sometimes brands can do ok without it.