Today’s run cut short

I wanted to make it the 3rd straight day of improving my pace time this morning. I was stopped short though. I’m not sure if it’s a cold or allergies, but my throat was a little sore both yesterday and today and I was a little bit stuffy. I was also very thirsty this morning. I slacked the last few days with water intake, and I surely felt it.

I did manage to get 2.25 miles in, which is pretty good work even if I didn’t go the whole 3+ miles. I got off to a very fast pace. Running a 8:12 for the first mile* and 9:06 for the second.

The CardioTrainer app acted up again, and reported a much faster pace at the beginning, which is why I put the little asterisk by my first mile time. I wrote the developers, but they kind of dismissed the problem. I searched around, and it seems a lot of other people are having accuracy issues with the app. It was spot on until about July this year. I made sure I turned off all other running apps and services and rebooted my phone. That had worked the last few times, but not today. Luckily only the first 2 or so minutes were off, then it seemed to smooth out. I definitely didn’t run 300+ yards in the first minute. But I was running faster than I have before.

The second mile pace time is legit. At the 2.25 mile mark, I pass my house. The combination of the thirst, stuffiness, the sight of my house,  and the fact that it still was 6:15 am, made me stop there and not continue on.

Hopefully I shake this cold/allergy thing and get back out Thursday to finish up my last 32 minute run. Then hopefully a 34 minute run comes this weekend. I might go to a track this weekend to mix up the scenery a bit.