There is no objective journalism

There probably never was.

So today Keith Olbermann was suspended by MSNBC for making a political donation. Who cares? Was there any doubt that he is a liberal?

Fox news is biased to the right. Who really cares? Everyone knows this. Even the most hardened of right-wingers knows it is although they pretend to insist that it’s really “fair and balanced.” The same way many on the left will pretend to deny most of the other news networks (and/or their on-air talent) is biased to the left.

We are human beings. Newscasters and news commentators too.

I would rather every newscaster and commentator to bear a little (D) or (R) next to their name so that their lack of truly honest objectivity is justified. I’m not kidding either. I think Matt Lauer (D) looks nice.

I want honesty, not false objectivity.