The G1 Gets Turn by Turn Navigation

I was bummed out when the new Droid hype hit and I saw all the cool features of Android 2.0 that are rumored not to be coming to the G1 (the original Android phone which is on Android 1.6). Especially turn by turn navigation. I had turned a corner prior to the Droid promos and was actually starting to really dig the phone. Updates 1.5 and 1.6 really ironed out a lot of issues I had posted about earlier on this blog. But when I see something I can’t have, suddenly buyer’s remorse starts to set in again–even if it’s a year later. I’m really not the type to keep buying the latest and greatest gadgets. I took a gamble on the G1. Yesterday Goggle issued and update to the Google Maps app. I ran the update but didn’t get a chance to kick the tires on it right away. Then I read some blog posts and tweets this morning that the update included turn by turn navigation. Wait, WHAT!?!?! I tested that bad boy out and sure enough, there it is. I’m now completely satisfied with the G1 purchase (again). For now.