The Bubba Keg is now dead to me

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Dribble coffee on my shirt for the 20th time, you are my worst enemy.

I thought I hit paydirt when I found the Bubba Keg. I consume way too much coffee, I know. But this thing allowed me to bring 34 oz of home brewed goodness to work. 7-11 coffee was starting to cut into the household budget. Side note: I usually didn’t finish the entire 34oz.

The Bubba Keg is big, but not obnoxiously big. The problem with me going with a quality brand like Thermos is a 34 ouncer would be enormous. I basically wanted a big cup that I can travel from home to work with (oh and that doesn’t leak all over the place)–and can fit into a standard car cupholder too. I’ll sacrifice heat for the convenience of carrying it. I don’t like piping hot coffee anyway.

Only one problem. The friggin thing leaks like a sieve. No matter how tight I screw the lid, the thing leaks. I’m not sure why it took at least 20 stained shirts for me to finally hate and give up on this thing.

I have a pet peeve with inferior products. Bubba Keg is on my S list big time now.

I even took a pic. See the damn dribble lines? About half of that is on my shirt.

Leaking Bugga Keg

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  1. I got mine yesterday. This is happening to me too. My world is shattered. People watch me drinking and assume I'm drooling, but I'm like, "It's the mug, I swear!" and they look at me like, "Then why do you continue to carry around that big ugly mug?" It's a shame. A damn shame.

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