The Bills make we wanna… Part II

I’ve noticed that in sports, everyone wants to point the finger one way. In football, probably more than any other sport, problems can be systemic.

Here is my rank of causes of the Bills trouble. All feed into eachother:
1) OL – This unit was not good last year. They lose 2 vets and bring in 2 rooks, plus shuffle the entire deck. Pass protection is spotty and run blocking is almost nonexistent. They have been bullied all over the field this pre-season. Constantly getting mauled and pushed back. The offensive woes start here.
2) DL – This unit does not get pressure at all. Which then highlights weaknesses with the LBs.
3) QB – Trent plays scared. He can’t be scared of making mistakes. You can’t dink and dunk all day. But, the OL doesn’t help one bit.
4) LBs – Poz is overrated. Mitchell is meh. Ellison isn’t good. Front 7 are very weak.
5) SS and FS – Whitner is below average. Not worth a 1st round pick. Scott is average.
6) TE – Maybe, just maybe Shawn Nelson will become a threat they haven’t had in ages.

Combine the above with the fact that Dick Jauron has only one winning season under his belt:
Bears 1999: 6-10
Bears 2000: 5-11
Bears 2001: 13-3
Bears 2002: 4-12
Bears 2003: 7-9
Lions 2005: 1-4
Bills 2006: 7-9
Bills 2007: 7-9
Bills 2008: 7-9
Total: 57-76 (.429)

Then combine that with a defense that doesn’t fit the personnel. And then mix in some no huddle stupidity. And what you’ve got is… Puke.

Our strong points are limited by the weak points above:
– The WRs are only as good as the QB getting them the ball.
– The RBs are only as good as the blocking.
– The CBs are only as good as the pass rush and the measly LBs.