The Bills make me want to puke!

Throw my lunch up and puke!

Ok to the uninformed, that’s me mocking the Bills’ Shout song, which is played after every score. I’ve had to sing my version for almost 10 years. It’s therapeutic.

And I think I’ll be singing it a lot more this year.

I wrote a post about the Bills’ futility in February. Now free agency has passed, the draft has passed, and 3 preseason games has passed, I think the Bills have dug themselves deeper. Their performance Saturday against the Packers was utterly embarrassing.

To sum up why I don’t expect even as good as another 7-9 season:

  • The defensive unit is almost entirely the same, except one CB. I like McKelvin, but he’s not that much better than Greer.
  • Paul Pozluszny is overrated. And it doesn’t look like he’s improved much–based on the 3 PS games.
  • Aaron Schobel was never that good. I used to joke and call him “garbage time” because of his signature sacks at the point in games when it didn’t really matter. Now, he doesn’t even get good pressure or even any garbage time sacks.
  • The defensive scheme is grossly too conservative (bend but don’t break).
  • Everyone on the offensive line is playing a new position this year. And 2 veterans were replaced by rookies.
  • The two rookies on the OL look, well like rookies in their first 2 PS games. I won’t call them out like I did Poz and Schobel yet. But development time is surely going to hurt this season.
  • This no-huddle that they are running is an absolute joke. It seems that it takes them just as long to get off a play. So much for catching the defense off guard. Sure it helps prevent defensive substitution, but what does it matter when the offense is so lack-luster to begin with. It’s like a huddle without the actual huddle.
  • Trent Edwards (this hurts me to say it because I really like him and want him to succeed) plays scared. Trent, you can’t check down to 2 yard passes every time. 9 for 9 for 9 yards is not good. Ok that was an exaggeration, but not too much of one.
  • Aaron Maybin is a question mark. He needs to really step up to make a difference. From what I hear, he’ll be a situational pass rusher. That’s not good enough, in my opinion–for this season anyway.
  • Jauron has only coached one winning season his entire career. It’s pretty clear why.
  • Package all of the above up, then add in Terrell Owens, and what I think you’ll have is a disaster.

So there you have it. I predict 3 wins from the Bills this year.