The Bills make me wanna…


They fired their offensive coordinator today. 10 days before their first game. Thus proving this is a league of imitators (KC and Tampa did the same just days ago).

I’ve been hard on Jauron since last season. I should have been equally if not more hard on where this mess should be blamed on. Ralph Wilson.

That’s right. HOFer Ralph Wilson is a lousy meddling owner.

The only way the Bills will ever be a winning team again is they clear house. Entirely. Including the owner relinquishing all football related decisions.

Year after year we see patchwork. Scapegoats. You know what? The wrong people have taken the blame. Ralph needs to hire better FO personnel. The real FO personnel need to hire a real coach. The real coach needs to make every decision about his staff. The coach and FO together need to dump all dead weight on the roster and truly start over.

No one should stay. Not a single soul.

Sunk costs. That’s the dilemma the Bills are in perpetually. They can’t hang on to failures (front office, coaches, players) just because they are owed money. It becomes a vicious cycle of sub-mediocrity.