The Bills are in a fine mess

Well, well, well. Who could have predicted this? Me actually. And other “realist” fans. On message boards there is always headed debate between fans that fall into two camps. Homers who always seem to think the team is a Super Bowl contender. And realists who have a more pessimistic outlook. I have never been as pessimistic as I was during this offseason. And it’s gotten worse and worse ever since. I won’t recap, it’s all written in previous posts.

The Bills finally fired Jauron last week. It needed to be done. But that’s not it. The entire front office needs to go. The scouts. The GM. Everyone responsible for the personnel blunders. Draft reaches. Draft busts. Draft “projects” that they don’t have the luxury of trying. Horrible free agent pickups. More horrible free agent losses. And an unyielding cycle of redundant mediocrity.

The fine mess now is they are in such a deep hole that I’m not sure any of the top tier coaches available would want to touch the team with a ten foot pole.