Technical Help, Another Vent

I guess I’m inspired more to write to vent than I am to like. What’s this say about my outlook? I’ll ponder that after I belt this post out.

Today’s vent goes out to any and all technical help staff I’ve ever dealt with. Why? 1) For treating me like a moron. 2) For not believing me when I tell you up-front that the problem is on YOUR END! And 3) For not being around afterwards for me to taunt you when I’m right (which is roughly 93.472% of the time).

Ok, maybe not ALL technical staff I’ve ever dealt with, but this happens way too much.

Example. Today. I host a few sites with I check in on them and they all are down. Kaput.

I wait about 10 minutes. Still down.

I check on 3 different browsers. Down.

I do a twitter search. Turns out someone else is having trouble with fatcow too. Down.

So THEN I write to technical staff. They write back that it works for them, I should delete cookies, etc. WTF! What is with deleting cookies!?!? That has to be the biggest tech staff cop out ever.┬áI HATE when they don’t look into problems.

It turns out they did in fact have a system wide f-up. Egg in your snide face, tech worker??? HMMM? HMMMM? Sorry, did I interrupt your WOW game!?

I’m a reasonable guy. And slightly tech savvy. Not really a geek, but kind of a wannabe geek. Well not really a wannabe geek, but I have casual interests in some geeky things–but the interest stops where geekhood begins. Lets put it this way… I’m tech savvy enough to diagnose a problem to determine that it’s not me, it’s YOU!

I know they must deal with certified┬áidiots, but don’t treat me like one!

Now it turns out that I had to submit another ticket for something else. I made sure to preface this one with some strong language to the effect “it’s on your end bud, don’t even THINK of writing back unless it’s to tell me the problem is fixed.”

Yes my computer is plugged in. No I don’t need to look for the “any” key. No I’m not a moron, jerk.