Like I’ve been promising myself, I took a break yesterday from the C25K program to hit the track to do some sprints. I rode my bike to the track, ran a easy 1/4 mile, then started up with running 6 100 yard sprints (I sprinted the straightaways and then walked the curves of the 1/4 mile track). I ran these sprints at about 3/4 speed as I know I need to easy my way into a legitimate HIIT program. I also threw in a 50 yard carioca from each side. Then I threw in 3 40 yard sprints at full speed. To finish I attempted a full 1/4 mile at a very fast pace. I ran out of gas at about 1/2 way around. I didn’t want to push myself too far on this first day sprinting.

Besides the last 1/4 mile attempt, I held up ok during my mini-workout, but I’m feeling the effects now. Not only are my legs stiff, but my abs are too. I have a feeling I will be more sore tomorrow. I’ll have to see how I feel about getting back to C25K tomorrow.