Smoothie Recipe – The Staple

I’ve gone back to the drawing board and changed up The Bigger Deal a little bit. I’ve named this one The Staple. I don’t know how much more I’m going to add/subtract anymore.

I found that the sugar content in other mix was getting up there. I checked everything for nutritional value and peaches were the odd fruit/veggie out. I think I had been adding them in for taste anyway. So I swapped a peach with a 1/2 cup of old fashioned oats.

Soon I’ll be posting the reasoning behind all of these ingredients. I’ll say it again… It does not taste bad at all! Or else I would not be able to tolerate it–especially in the morning.

This bad boy comes in at 825 calories. Consumed throughout the morning. And relied upon to keep me full so I don’t get too hungry before lunch. It’s been doing the trick.

1 cup cranberry juice (the real deal, not the sugary crap)
1 cup water
1 apple
1/2 cup old fashioned oats
1 banana
1 cup mix kale, spinach, broccoli
1 cup mix raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, blackberry
1 carrot
about a cup of watermelon
2 tablespoons of crushed flax seed
1 scoop of whey protein