Sluggish 4 Mile Run

I ran a very sluggish 4 miles last night. I don’t know what the problem was, but everything just felt wrong. My shins and ankles were bothering me (which hasn’t happened since I started up again in June). My feet were uncomfortable too. It might have been “one of those days.” It wasn’t a horrible pace overall. I finished a little over 4 miles in 40 minutes. But it was slower than previous runs. And much less enjoyable.

I also bailed on running in the morning. I just couldn’t get up. I ran at night instead–which could have contributed to the lackluster run.

Of all the things I put on my Health Living Checklist, I’ve only slipped with sleep. Earlier on I got a full 8 hours in. That’s since dwindled back down to 6. I have to focus on getting to bed earlier–meaning be disciplined to start to wind down and start getting ready for bed earlier.

With three 4 mile runs under my belt, I’m going to start doing interval training. I purchased the “Pro” upgrade for CardioTrainer and will put this feature to the test. The straight runs have become a bore, and I want to mix things up a little. I’m going to start this either tomorrow or Friday depending how I feel.