Running Update

Now that I’m technically done with the C25K program, I’m at a loss of what to title these posts. Is it running, training, health, cardio, all of the above? Who cares, right?

So anyway. Today’s 3 mile run was good. I feel like I’ve moved a step forward after a pretty stagnant few weeks. I keep looking back to last year’s logs, and sure enough I was going through the same exact things last year. Only last year it was all new to me (so it was all good then), and this year I’m a little impatient.

Today I finished 3.1 miles in 31:18 (10:06 pace). Very near the 10 minute per mile milestone.

Last year I used the term “brick wall moment” for the time during the run where I slowed down a lot. It wasn’t until a few runs after I finished the program last year when that point got pushed back and ultimately disappeared. Today I hit that point at about the 2.25 mile mark. I ran the first mile in 9:17, the second in 9:54, and the third in 10:56.

I’m going to keep my mind on that “brick wall moment” mark. Hopefully it gets pushed off all-together soon. Once it is, I’m going to start upping the distance/time by 2 minutes per week. My new goal is to get to 4 miles in 40 minutes or less. But then that’s it. I’ll simply maintain that distance and try to improve the speed.

As far as other training… I tried to wake up early yesterday to do the P90X cardio dvd. I surprised myself this year by being able to wake up early in the morning to go jogging. It was a major feat. An even more difficult feat is going to be finding the motivation to do workouts in the house. Needless to say I got through 5 minutes of the dvd before I turned it off, laid on my couch, and watched the news.

Part of the reason is because I thought I can do it barefoot, which I can’t. Part of it is that I hate not knowing what to expect. Therefore I’m going to sit and watch each of the dvds so I know what to expect from them. I’m going to also treat the workout like a run–I’m going to get changed into workout clothes first.