Open Letter to Buddy Nix

Dear Buddy,

I’m sure you saw that pathetic excuse for a team get romped on Friday. Didn’t you? Sure I know it’s just preseason, but doesn’t it worry you a bit?

I’ve seen the seen the same thing year in and year out over the last decade. Decade. Yes the Bills haven’t reached the playoffs in a decade. You know that, right? Are you doing everything you can to change that? Are you!?

Listen. I know your predecessors were arrogant enough to think they could sit on their hands all offseason and magically get more production out of the below average players on the team already. You don’t think that too, do you? If the first preseason game is any indication, it looks like you do.

Are you listening? Good. How in the world could you think that the WR position was ok after losing both TO and Josh Reed. Last years #1 WR and #3 WR. Only to have them replaced by one or two from a group of neverwillbes.

Look around the league. Half of the backups on other teams are better than the 3 scrubs you have competing for the starting QB role this year. Don’t you think something’s wrong with that picture? Hopefully Levi Brown can rise above the rest of them.

The offense, if at all possible, is LESS TALENTED than last season. What were you thinking!!!

Last I checked, the Bills were one of the top teams in teams with cap space. Why not spend some of that money and bring in some quality free agents? What the heck are you saving that money for?

Hopefully you’ll learn real soon. Hopefully you’ll change your approach to next offseason, which I’m sad to say I’m already thinking about (IN AUGUST!!!).


  1. It’s a rebuilding year. This year is going to be a disaster, even by recent Bills seasons’ standards. Half of the guys on the roster will be gone next year. Hopefully, we’ll see some improvement in November and December. The good news is that we won’t need to worry about getting seats at the bar in October.

    1. I don’t think you can ever take a year off, which the Bills just did two even if you are rebuilding. They don’t even have a foundation. Next year they’ll be starting from scratch–assuming they will start trying to win. They should be currently rebuilding, not waiting.

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