Nutritional Supplement Update

Just thought I’d throw in a little update about my nutritional supplement regimen. It’s changed a little since my Healthy Living Checklist post.

Not much else has changed other than this. I’ve been very good at adhering to my list.

Since the checklist post, I’ve added in Myoplex Original Powder for the majority of my “breakfasts.” I put breakfast in quotes because really it’s just a stop gap rather than a full-blown meal replacement. I’ve gone and spread my meals out, so that I have the shake as my first meal of the day (about 7am), followed by some dry cereal (Cheerios, Oatmeal Squares, etc) at about 10-10:30 am. Together that’s what I consider breakfast. The Myoplex is easy and does not require any thought. I’m not a morning person, so something quick and easy works. Quick and easy AND healthy is very hard to find (or taste good). So this is it.

For lunch I split up a regular sized sandwich (usually honey maple turkey or tuna) into two, which I eat at 12 and 2. I might have a small snack at about 5, and then a regular dinner at 6:30 or so.

I’ve done this in the past. Besides the theory that this aids in metabolism, it keeps me from ever feeling very hungry. So the smaller “meals” are a lot more satisfying and there are no cravings for anything more.

Besides the MyoPlex, I’ve added CoQ10 into the mix. Again, I must disclose that I work for Purity Products (not that I think the FTC is one of the 3 people who ever read my blog). I now take the following each day:
Perfect Multi Super Greens (multivitamin, phytonutrients, probiotics)
Co-Q-Omega (Concentrated Omega 3 Fish Oil with CoQ10)
Dr. Cannell’s Advanced D (Vitamin D and cofactors)—I only take one a day, not two)

All together I think these give me what I might be lacking and fills in any gaps. I’ve always taken a multi and have taken omega 3s for some time. The added D is new since last Fall and the CoQ10 is a recent addition into the regimen.

That’s all folks.

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