New Running Personal Bests, Again

This might become a theme. I ran this morning. Felt great. Again, it was cool and dry out. Again I hit new personal bests.

I ran 3.41 miles in 32:11 (a 9:25 pace). The splits were 9:15 for the first mile, 9:14 for the second mile, and 9:37 for the 3rd mile.

It was the fastest pace (and most consistent) and it was the longest I’ve ever run in my life.

I mentioned before that the CardioTrainer app reads out the pace every 2 minutes. Only twice during the entire run did it read back a pace over 10 minutes (at 27 minutes (10:01) and at 31 minutes (10:25)). The rest of the way was all under 10.

I have one more run at 32 minutes, then it’s up to 34.