Last runs hampered by food and rain

I’ve gone 0-3 in my last attempts at breaking 10 minutes per mile for 3 miles. I decided to try to run every day instead of every other day. Depending how I feel during the runs, I will either cut it short or keep going. My goal is not to run 3 miles every day, but alternate long and short days (but continue running if I feel really good and strong). Friday I was prepared to run only 2 miles, but was burping up the entire time. I waited about 2.5 hours after eating. Saturday I suffered the same fate, even when waiting over 3 hours after eating. I must have a very slow digestive system. I didn’t eat too much either day. I ended both runs at only a mile. Better than nothing I guess…

This highlights a major benefit of running first thing in the morning. I remember battling this last year. Although I don’t feel 100% energized first thing in the morning, a lot of distractions are out of the way.

Yesterday I was fully prepared to run 3 miles. I made it 2 before it started to rain hard. So I stopped. The first two miles were ok, not great. My pace was 9:16 per mile. I think I started out very fast, and I don’t think I could have maintained that pace for another mile. It was terribly humid from the rain all day, which didn’t help either.

I was going to pick up again this morning, but we had a power outage last night. My alarm clocks and cell phone were all dead, so there was no planning on waking up early. Plus the whole distraction of it all made me not want to run anyway.

Sooooo. Tomorrow morning I’ll be back on my routine. Given the two incidents, I’m going to run first thing in the morning on the weekends too.