Last 4 mile run

I got in another 4 miles on Saturday. This time I came in at a little over 10 minutes per mile, which was no surprise since I ate garbage all day. I didn’t struggle though. However like I mentioned in my last post, it seems the 3 mile mark is when my body starts telling me enough is enough. This time the inside of my ankle got sore. Sore enough for me to have to rest a few days. With the 4 mile runs, I’ve been needing at least 2 days rest between. I can easily bang out 3 miles every other day. The sum of course is more distance overall per week if I limit myself to 3 miles.

I STILL need to get myself to the track and do interval running. I’ve been talking about it far too long. It’s just a pain in the neck that the local tracks are always taken up on the weekends.

No surprise too that my weight loss has come to a halt the last 2 weeks. I really slacked in the diet department. At least I didn’t gain anything. I really don’t mind. As I said way back, I want to sort of cycle the calorie restriction so my body doesn’t get used to it. Although my slacking off hasn’t really been part of the plan per se, it does serve as a resting period. Looking at the big picture, I’ve maintained my weight and have continued to improve my cardio. Hopefully I can take the improved cardio and refocus and get results out of it.

Since June I lost 15 pounds. I want to lose another 18. At my pace I should be there by the end of January (faster if I refocus and stick to it). It’ll be a challenge to keep active through the winter. I’m already making a Christmas list of winter gear I’ll need to jog in the freezing cold. Realistically, I’m pretty happy where I am right now and don’t mind if it takes me until April to carve off the rest. I just have to seriously avoid falling off all-together (like last year).