I’m Using Google Drive and Dropbox Together

Rather than choose one over the other, I found a pretty cool way to use them together. It suites my needs and preferences perfectly.

What did I do? I put my local Google Drive folder IN my local Dropbox folder. So, things added to Google Drive (from web, phone, desktop, etc) are automatically synced to Dropbox too.

For now, everything in Google Drive is backed up in Dropbox, but not the other way around. I still have all of my videos, pictures, and music on Dropbox only as I paid for extra storage and don’t want to pay for extra Google Drive space too.

The way I’m visualizing it is Google Docs is for everyday things, new uploads, etc, where “Dropbox only” files are not frequently (or ever) edited files.

This solves several things for me.

  • I like having a double backup
  • I like things synced automatically. Very little setup.
  • I like multiple ways to access and interact with files.