I ran 4 miles today

So this morning I decided to abandon the plan of adding 2 minutes a week on to my runs until I reached 4o minutes (or 4 miles). I kind of had in the back of my head that if I felt good while closing in on the planned 36 minutes, I would just push on until 4 miles. I did just that this morning, going 4 miles in 39:18. The whole run was was pretty much effortless. Nice and smooth. Mission accomplished.

Now I’m going to run 40 minutes a few more times, then I’m going to mix in interval training a few days a week.

The CardioTrainer app went haywire again this morning. At one point it recorded that I was running a 4 minute per mile pace, and it finished up by over reporting my distance by more than 1/3 of a mile. I’m done with it. I’m going out and buying a simple stopwatch. Since I know my route well, I can gauge my pace with a simple timer.

I’m kind of bummed because the app has a premium upgrade with an interval training feature that notifies you when to speed up and slow down your pace based on your current pace. If the app was reliable, I would definitely splurge as it would be a big help. It won’t really work if it thinks I’m running 4 minutes per mile when I’m really running 9+.