Healthy Living: Lets go to the judges’ scorecards

After 4 rounds, we have a decision.
Judge 1 scores the bout 39-37 Soreco
Judge 2 scores the bout 38-38
Judge 3 scores the bout  39-37, for the winner by majority decision… Matt “the antioxidant” Sorecoooooooooo

Matt, what do you have to say about the bout?
“If I can change…….., you can change…………, everybody can change!”

So my last post I said that the start of a cold would prove the effectiveness of healthy living on my body’s response to the cold that was forming at the time.

I know no matter what you do, there is no way to completely guarantee getting sick. Especially being in a house with 2 others who are sick and one being a 3 year old coughing in your face all day. Rather you can reduce the number of times and minimize the effects.

I felt I had a cold, no doubt about it. But It didn’t slow me down one bit. The “judges” all gave one round to the virus. Last night, I kind of felt worn out a little. I was getting a little nervous. Perhaps the cold was in its death throws, because I woke up this morning feeling good. Not 100%, but good.

Bottom line. I attribute my mild cold on having everything healthy lined up. Hydrated, healthy eating, plenty of rest, etc.