Google Plus, continued

In my last post about Google Plus I predicted a flop. I’m sticking with it.

The post, Google’s Management Doesn’t Use Google+ highlights one of the reasons why.

But also from my observations…

  • It’s been reported that traffic to Plus is down considerably from when it was newly launched.
  • Traffic and usage is down even given the tremendous push by Google.
  • I know very few people who use it. And “use” it is putting it nicely. Even fewer people I know actually USE it at all (as opposed to just having a profile).
  • I think I mentioned this in another post. Being in internet marketing I can sniff BS like this out. Google sometimes uses tricky figures when they brag. So while they brag about x million of users, like my previous point, how about usage? I bet most signed up and borderline abandoned, like me.
  • I was at a Google Learn session Wednesday about Google advertising opportunities. When the topic of Plus came up, I got a good sense from the room that attendees didn’t want to be bothered. I think that sentiment was felt by the speaker, who then switched gears to another topic. I think it’s telling.
  • It doesn’t look like even the active Googlers who I’ve followed on Buzz, Twitter, etc are eating enough dog food.
I know it’s a high priority, and Google is trying very hard to make Plus work. I just don’t see it happening.