Google Chrome OS? Time for Google to put their money where their mouth is.

Google Chrome OS better not crash, ever.

We’ve heard ad nauseum complaining about Windows not being perfect. Is anything perfect? Windows crashes every now and then. Lets see how Google OS fairs. I predict it’ll be more buggy and crash more often than Windows. Why? I’m a heavy Google user and I know from experience that:

  • Gmail crashes.
  • GReader can be buggy and crashes.
  • The Chrome browser crashes.
  • Android G1 phone has bugs and crashes.
  • Even Google search has issues at times.
  • Docs and spreadsheets are a long way from being anywhere close to Word and Excel.
  • Calendar does some strange things.

I can go on and on.

Truth be told. I have less issues with Windows and MS Office than I do with Google’s offerings.

Google has been able to get away with it for long enough since most of their offerings are free. Although the G1 phone isn’t, which burns me a bit.

Now that the OS will be integrated with a paid product, they are going to have to be a little more responsible and responsive.

The more they venture out, the more scrutiny they’ll face. Which is long overdue, IMO.

And to be clear. I want Google to succeed. I love their offerings, just not the Microsoft hating apologists’ double standards.