Getting Back on Track Felt Good

I hit the road last night and got 4 miles in. Not the fastest time, but still under a 10 minute per mile pace.

I REALLY need to start interval training. I’m starting to get really bored of the long runs and I think overall health wise, interval training is better for a lot of reasons. Plus it seems like the 3 mile mark is the limit to the very comfortable run. All and all my cardio is fine, but it seems every time shortly after the 3 mile mark, my feet start hurting (not bad by any means). If I can get myself into a good consistent 2x a week interval program, I’m going to then limit my “distance” runs to just 3 miles.

Funny thing happened. I had set my music player to repeat one song for my son earlier in the day. I guess you have to undo that setting, because when my playlist came on, it repeated one song throughout my entire 40 minute run. I must have listened to LL Cool J’s Mamma Say Knock You Out over 10 times.