Follow up letter to Chan Gailey

Ok, so these aren’t “real” letters to Chan, but please just play along.

Dear Chan,

Last I wrote you I demanded that you get your act together and treat pre-season seriously. Something your predecessor failed miserably at (among other things he failed miserably at, including showing candor at press conferences, but I digress).

I’m glad you took my demand advice seriously. I like you as head coach. I think you’ll make a difference this year.

Perhaps I’ll write a follow up letter to Buddy Nix too. Perhaps he isn’t savvy with the world wide interwebs. I don’t think he read my last letter to him. Or maybe he did, but it was too late to change anything so late in the off-season. Or perhaps, since you obviously read my blog thoroughly, you can pass this on to him.

Let Buddy Nix know that even though I’m confident you’ll make a difference this year, the difference will be minimal. That’s no disrespect to you, it’s because you don’t have much talent to work with. Tell Buddy to wake the heck up and get some quality real free agents into Buffalo!!!

Look at the WR position. I like Roscoe, always did. Too bad Jauron “Jauroned” him. See whenever something fails, I call it “Jauroned.” Get it? Roscoe is no #2 WR though. I mean how can Buddy think by losing TO and Josh Reed, whoever was left over would pick up the slack?

Hey, that Spiller was an awesome draft pick, but how about the offensive line? What was good ole’ Buddy thinking when he basically did nothing to improve this already weak unit?

I know the problem is that the Bills have so many weaknesses that it’s hard to know where to begin. But the solution to that can’t be to hope every draft pick turns out to be a superstar. The draft is a gamble (see Aaron Maybin, the bust, for example). Therefore you really have to pick up some quality free agents.

I know in the priority of weaknesses, linebacker is not the top, but you have to be worried about Poz and Mitchell. I hope you are, because they’ve looked terrible, not just this pre-season, but previous seasons too.

So despite Buddy not getting you upgrades of at least 1 WR (can argue 2), 3 OLs, and 1 more LB, I see your coaching getting the Bills to a 7-9 season. Personally I’d consider an 8-8 season a monumental achievement given what you have to work with. Please don’t settle for 8-8 though. Please have a man t0 man talk with Buddy Nix. Souther style if you must. Tell him the front office has been pitiful the last decade, and he needs to fix it.

Thank you,

Matt Soreco

You need to fix kick off coverage badly.