Finally a 34 minute run

After having to frustratingly cut 3 straight runs short, I finally ran for a full 34 minutes this morning.

I’ve been battling either a very minor cold or some allergies.  It was throwing off my breathing, thus having to cut the 3 previous runs short. I felt better today. Not 100%, but a lot better than I have been.

My goal is to add on 2 minutes each week (3 runs a week) until I reach 40 minutes. With the ultimate goal of going 4 miles in that 40 minutes. I only got to complete 2 runs at 32 minutes. I decided today that if I felt good, I would just go the 34 instead of rounding out 3 runs at 32.

It was a good run. Not my best. But good coming off the funk I was in. Plus the track was pretty hot despite the weather not being too hot (the sun just beats down on it I guess). I’m not sure if the CardioTrainer app was 100% accurate. I lost track of the laps. I think it over-reported the distance, but not by much. According to the app I ran 3.52 miles in exactly 34 minutes (9:39 pace). The splits were 8:41 for the first mile, 9:22 for the second mile, and 10:22 for the last mile.

I slowed down quite a bit this time. A lot more than I did my last two 32 minute runs. I’m sure that will work itself out the more I run. I can wait for some much cooler weather.

I hope this cold/allergy is out of my system. I have my 2nd shot at 34 minutes on Wednesday.