damn you, stereotypical partisan

stereotypical partisan, you are an idiot who can’t think for yourself. You are brainwashed. You are a racist, bigot, hypocrite. You are violent. You are too soft.

stereotypical partisan, you don’t know the issues, you are stupid. Me, however, I’m a free thinker and am on top of every single issue and candidate. And I vote with my conscious, not along party lines. I don’t vote for who celebrities (including Barbara Streisand) tell me to vote for.

stereotypical partisan, you make me sick. You ruin America. You and everyone who thinks like you. I wish you were more like me.

stereotypical partisan, I don’t even know you personally.

I believe a lot of political discourse is due to not by debating each other, but rather debating the stereotypical worst common denominator on each side.

We should stop. I catch myself doing it sometimes too, so I’m not immune or perfect. I do realize it doesn’t do a bit of good. The contrary, I┬ábelieve.