The Joys of Fatherhood

Man, why haven’t I been posting more about the newest and biggest joy in my life? My son Christopher.

He’s now 18 months old. Every day there are new words, new actions, new personality traits. I love just watching him think something out, showing off a new word, or taking me by the hand for a awk (walk). I love chasing him around and seeing the utter happy expression on his face as he gets away. I love when he greets his moma! at the door when she gets home from work. Of course I love it more when he greets his daggy! (daddy) at the door when I get home. I love showing him something and seeing him copy it. I love asking him if he wants something and he says yesh (yes). I even like when he says no no. I love that he loves peeeeech (pizza) as much as I do. I love just thinking about him and smiling at the thought.