Bills futility breeds futility breeds more futility

I’ve written about the Bills’ futility before. And it continues. It’s like a snowball effect of mediocrity.

Today, they traded their pro-bowl left tackle for one #1 draft pick this year, and a reported one late round pick next year. I admit, I think he was a bit overrated. But at the very least, he was a quality starting NFL lineman in an important spot.

But to be fair, they were in a lose lose situation. Overpay for an overrated tackle, or open a big hole.

At this point, I would have opted to overpay.

A team with too many holes to fill just opened up another one. A very important one. And they lost 2 other offensive linemen this offseason too.

They picked up Terrell Owens, which I support only because they need him desperately.  But they shouldn’t need a player of that questionable character that desperately.

Owens could be a plus, but could also be a huge minus if the Bills lose the first few games (and he becomes a cancer).

And Owens aside, on paper, the Bills are a lot worse than last year–a lot worse than the 7-9 team of last year. And Dick Jauron is still the coach, which is another minus.

I’m not a capologist, but something strange is going on. The Bills can’t pay anyone anything, but every other team seems to be able to. This leads me to believe the Bills are not interested one bit in creating a winning team. At best they can only hope to field a .500 team. Which I think is even unlikely.

The bottom line is the Bills are in such a funk, that they have no leverage at the bargaining table. They are NOT rebuilding, rather wallowing in futility.

I’m so spurned by the Bills futility…

…that I have to be honest with my emotions and KNOW that I’m not being impatient with the Bills and their lack of effort in FA so far. Rather, the Bills have proven over the last decade + that they are inept. I’ve lost hope.

Year in and year out, I was patient. I had a wait and see attitude. No more. Sorry. It’s run out.

That doesn’t mean I’m not a fan. It means I don’t expect them to do well. Maybe Sunday’s will be filled with surprises, instead of letdowns. At least now when they lose (notice I say when not if), I’ll have expected it. And if they win, it’ll be a happy surprise.

Dick Jauron, Bills Futility, Rebuilding, and NFL Parity

This is just a mind spew. Being a Bills fan is torture.

It’s funny. A neighbor asked if my 6 month old son has any Bills gear yet. I jokingly told him that I didn’t want to put the poor kid through the torture. In reality, it wasn’t much of a joke. The truth is I hope he roots for dad’s team, but I’ll leave it entirely up to him. Well not quite entirely–he can’t pick the Jets (or Dolphins or Patriots).

Lets look at Dick Jauron’s career head coaching record:
Bears 1999: 6-10
Bears 2000: 5-11
Bears 2001: 13-3
Bears 2002: 4-12
Bears 2003: 7-9
Lions 2005: 1-4
Bills 2006: 7-9
Bills 2007: 7-9
Bills 2008: 6-7
Total: 55-72 (.433)

Jauron coached only one winning season, which he was bounced out of the playoffs the first game. I call it a fluke season.

The Bills this decade:
2000: 8-8
2001: 3-13
2002: 8-8
2003: 6-10
2004: 9-7
2005: 5-11
2006: 7-9
2007: 7-9
2008: 6-7
Total: 59-82 (.418)

Only one winning season this decade, where they sniffed the playoffs, but were beaten by the Stealers’ third teamers in a “win and in” game in 2004.

– The Bills have been “rebuilding” for 8 years.
– Why is it that the Dolphins can go from 1-15 to playoff contention in one year?
– While the Bills wallow in futility?
– NFL salary cap/parity evens the playing field, but clearly separates mismanaged teams from well run teams.
– Coaching is THAT much more important, so…
– Even the Cardinals got it together.
– How much longer for the Bills?
– Why are there teams that are always good?
– And teams that are always bad?

I tell you there will be a revolt if Jauron is kept. There were rumors earlier in the season that he was extended, but it was never confirmed. If he was, I hope there was a clause. Because he isn’t the answer. There never seems to be any gameplan. They are continually out-coached. There is no such thing as clock management.

I hope the next coach is not another retread or another unproven.

End spew.