Bills Cut Edwards, Strange but ok

The Bills management seems to finally have had it with low quality play. First, they benched Trent Edwards in favor of Ryan Fitzpatrick last week. Then Fitzpatrick started against the Patriots, and performed much better than we’ve seen from Edwards.

Following the respectable play from Fitzpatrick, the Bills went ahead and cut Edwards. This is a strange move in my opinion. Why not just keep him as a backup?

If the Bills are trying to send a message that sub-average play is not acceptable, then great. But now they need to slice and dice some more. McCargo needs to go first. The man is inactive game after game. Why keep him around? Surely they can’t just go and cut EVERYONE who has underperformed or else there would not be too many players left. Hopefully the message is loud and clear enough for some of the other underperformers to hear and understand. That means Donte Whitner and Aaron Maybin too, whose mouths (or twitter tweets) don’t match their horrendous play.

The Barfalo Bills

Who could have guessed that the Bills would stink again this year? Well me. Also hundreds of fans I chat with on  message boards, twitter, and in person. I seems even the diehard optimists are starting to throw in the towel.

Now, I don’t mean throw in the towel on being a fan. Rather just losing hope that this team will ever be good with the leadership they have in place.

I’ve written about this many times before.

What disturbs me most is the anger and how it’s channeled. I’ve listened to two straight days of Buffalo radio. I’ve read the message boards. I’ve scoured twitter. Fans are getting on the QB (who has since been benched) and the coaching (who seems to “get it”).

Personally I thought the team would stink again, only be slightly better coached. The first part is right, the second is up for debate.

Fans, heed this message! The garbage you are seeing is the product of an inept front office and ownership. No coaches or single player at this point will make a difference. What you are seeing is years of personnel mistakes magnified by two years of complete disregard of upgrading any talent through free agency.

Fellow fans, please. Buddy Nix, not Trent Edwards is to blame. Ralph Wilson is to blame, not Chan Gailey. Tom Modrak is to blame, not draft busts like Aaron Maybin and Paul Posluszny.

The clowns in the front office have the plan to “build through the draft.” That’s a pipe-dream. No other team today does it without the luxury of having a solid foundation to begin with. The team is filled with no better than average to below average talent. There is no foundation.

If you plan to “build through the draft” you can’t wiff on picks like Aaron Maybin. Or else it’ll set you back a few years, like we’re seeing now.

“Re-building” is another excuse you’ll hear out of One Bills Drive. So, how’s the decade worth of rebuilding coming along? Seems to be getting worse and worse, no?

Unless there is a complete overhaul on this ill-conceived strategy and the front office makes a serious commitment to bring in quality proven talent, the decade of fail will start entering the century of fail realm.

Judging how this front office has performed and how they’ve squandered recent trade opportunities, I don’t see this team improving anytime soon.

Dear Buddy Nix

Dear Buddy;

Did you read my last letter to you? Apparently not.

Listen, the Buffalo Bills are terrible, and you are to blame. Yes YOU! You did virtually nothing this off-season to make the team better (which marks the second straight year of doing nothing to improve the team). What did you expect to happen? Besides your promotion, the front office staff has stayed the same, right? The same staff that’s responsible for a decade of sub-mediocrity. What exactly are you doing there?

By the looks of it, the Bills can use at least 2 linebackers, 2 wide receivers, 3 offensive linemen, and a defensive end who can rush the passer. Oh, and a QB. Granted a gem of a QB is hard to find, but why ignore the other positions? Some of these guys would not even make the roster on most other teams.

The team is a joke.

I’m watching you Buddy Nix. Get your act together. You might be seeing a billboard calling for your firing before you know it. Surely based on what you’ve done so far (nothing), you deserve it.

Yours Truly,

Disgruntled Bills Fan Matt Soreco

Follow up letter to Chan Gailey

Ok, so these aren’t “real” letters to Chan, but please just play along.

Dear Chan,

Last I wrote you I demanded that you get your act together and treat pre-season seriously. Something your predecessor failed miserably at (among other things he failed miserably at, including showing candor at press conferences, but I digress).

I’m glad you took my demand advice seriously. I like you as head coach. I think you’ll make a difference this year.

Perhaps I’ll write a follow up letter to Buddy Nix too. Perhaps he isn’t savvy with the world wide interwebs. I don’t think he read my last letter to him. Or maybe he did, but it was too late to change anything so late in the off-season. Or perhaps, since you obviously read my blog thoroughly, you can pass this on to him.

Let Buddy Nix know that even though I’m confident you’ll make a difference this year, the difference will be minimal. That’s no disrespect to you, it’s because you don’t have much talent to work with. Tell Buddy to wake the heck up and get some quality real free agents into Buffalo!!!

Look at the WR position. I like Roscoe, always did. Too bad Jauron “Jauroned” him. See whenever something fails, I call it “Jauroned.” Get it? Roscoe is no #2 WR though. I mean how can Buddy think by losing TO and Josh Reed, whoever was left over would pick up the slack?

Hey, that Spiller was an awesome draft pick, but how about the offensive line? What was good ole’ Buddy thinking when he basically did nothing to improve this already weak unit?

I know the problem is that the Bills have so many weaknesses that it’s hard to know where to begin. But the solution to that can’t be to hope every draft pick turns out to be a superstar. The draft is a gamble (see Aaron Maybin, the bust, for example). Therefore you really have to pick up some quality free agents.

I know in the priority of weaknesses, linebacker is not the top, but you have to be worried about Poz and Mitchell. I hope you are, because they’ve looked terrible, not just this pre-season, but previous seasons too.

So despite Buddy not getting you upgrades of at least 1 WR (can argue 2), 3 OLs, and 1 more LB, I see your coaching getting the Bills to a 7-9 season. Personally I’d consider an 8-8 season a monumental achievement given what you have to work with. Please don’t settle for 8-8 though. Please have a man t0 man talk with Buddy Nix. Souther style if you must. Tell him the front office has been pitiful the last decade, and he needs to fix it.

Thank you,

Matt Soreco

You need to fix kick off coverage badly.

Open Letter to Buddy Nix

Dear Buddy,

I’m sure you saw that pathetic excuse for a team get romped on Friday. Didn’t you? Sure I know it’s just preseason, but doesn’t it worry you a bit?

I’ve seen the seen the same thing year in and year out over the last decade. Decade. Yes the Bills haven’t reached the playoffs in a decade. You know that, right? Are you doing everything you can to change that? Are you!?

Listen. I know your predecessors were arrogant enough to think they could sit on their hands all offseason and magically get more production out of the below average players on the team already. You don’t think that too, do you? If the first preseason game is any indication, it looks like you do.

Are you listening? Good. How in the world could you think that the WR position was ok after losing both TO and Josh Reed. Last years #1 WR and #3 WR. Only to have them replaced by one or two from a group of neverwillbes.

Look around the league. Half of the backups on other teams are better than the 3 scrubs you have competing for the starting QB role this year. Don’t you think something’s wrong with that picture? Hopefully Levi Brown can rise above the rest of them.

The offense, if at all possible, is LESS TALENTED than last season. What were you thinking!!!

Last I checked, the Bills were one of the top teams in teams with cap space. Why not spend some of that money and bring in some quality free agents? What the heck are you saving that money for?

Hopefully you’ll learn real soon. Hopefully you’ll change your approach to next offseason, which I’m sad to say I’m already thinking about (IN AUGUST!!!).