Buffalo Bills Never Cease to Amaze Me

To try to describe a compounding and self-destructive cycle is difficult. I’ll try is so many words.

The Buffalo Bills traded away veteran WR Lee Evans today. There is no good reason why they should have.

1) So they might say Lee wasn’t a part of the Buffalo Bills future. Well who the heck is then? And how far in the future do we expect some success?
2) So they might say that he was overpriced. He’s still better than what else they have. Plus his salary isn’t bankrupting a team with one of the lowest payrolls!
3) So they might say that they want to part with players who were part of a losing culture. But they are perpetuating a losing culture by trading away a player who makes them more competitive NOW! So this cycle has been and will continue to be never ending!

Reports say they are getting a 4th round pick for him. What a steal! The way I see it, a 4th round pick is a gamble. With Lee, you know what you’re getting.

The blind is leading the blind. At some point the Bills need to stop “rebuilding” and start fielding a competitive team. Two steps forward, three steps back isn’t rebuilding. How are the younger guys we’re relying on for the future supposed to improve if veterans aren’t there to help them pave the way?

The Bills have one of the lowest (if not the lowest) salaries in the NFL right now. After 11+ seasons of losing, is it a surprise?

I don’t think this cycle of suck will ever end.

Hey Buddy Nix, what’s your plan? How many years do you need to turn this around?