Blogger to WordPress Update

Well I’m fully up and running on WordPress. It didn’t go off completely error free. The importing of the entire blog was easy. Here’s what went wrong:

1) Archives had a different url structure, so I had to do a htaccess redirect from old to new structure. Luckily the blog didn’t date back too long, so it was easy.

2) WordPress imported some commas, apostrophes, and other special characters when it produced the permalinks. It didn’t happen in all cases, so this might be a bug.

3) This is more a carryover from my frustration with Blogger (I think), but formatting with the span tag in the html caused some posts to look ugly. I’m in the process of cleaning that up along with other erroneous html tags that Blogger insisted on inserting (like a mysterious span “misspelling” tag).

I’m sure I’ll find others, but that seems to be the bulk of it. All and all it was pretty painless. I’m glad I now have full control and able to tinker around. Now about the design… I’ll have to work on that a lot more.