Bills Cut Edwards, Strange but ok

The Bills management seems to finally have had it with low quality play. First, they benched Trent Edwards in favor of Ryan Fitzpatrick last week. Then Fitzpatrick started against the Patriots, and performed much better than we’ve seen from Edwards.

Following the respectable play from Fitzpatrick, the Bills went ahead and cut Edwards. This is a strange move in my opinion. Why not just keep him as a backup?

If the Bills are trying to send a message that sub-average play is not acceptable, then great. But now they need to slice and dice some more. McCargo needs to go first. The man is inactive game after game. Why keep him around? Surely they can’t just go and cut EVERYONE who has underperformed or else there would not be too many players left. Hopefully the message is loud and clear enough for some of the other underperformers to hear and understand. That means Donte Whitner and Aaron Maybin too, whose mouths (or twitter tweets) don’t match their horrendous play.


  1. The issue with keeping Edwards around as the 2nd string qb is this… Brian Brohm would never get an opportunity to play. Clearly this regime wants to see if Fitz can help make this team competitive, but if not, they saw no reason to go back to Edwards. Instead of demoting Edwards all the way to 3rd string, they’ve decided that, if this season gets completely out of hand, they’ll give Brohm a real shot. He has better pedigree and talent than both Fitz and Edwards and he could surprise. If not, well, it certainly makes their decision to draft a qb that much easier.

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