Another run cut short

I think the morning runs have finally caught up with me. I’ve been sort of hesitant getting out of bed, and I think that’s a reason I haven’t have the mettle to finish the last 2 runs. This morning I felt a little thirsty (I really need to step up hydration, especially at night) and a little tired (I have been going to bed earlier, but it’s crept back later and later).

Still though, I went 1.87 miles in 16:57 (9:03 pace). That’s pretty good work in even if it’s not the full 32 minutes.

I’m going to head back to the track on Saturday and do the full 32 minutes. I’m going to go later in the day rather than first thing in the morning. Hopefully I bang out a nice run and I get back on track for a 34 minute run on Monday. I’m off work Monday, so I can run later in the day and also hit the track again.