Another 34 minute run

It feels good to be back on track. I gave myself an extra day off and hit the road again this morning. It was finally nice and cool out. I felt real good the entire way. The run was about as effortless as they come.

The CardioTrainer app was really off this time. The first few minutes were completely wrong. It sorted itself out afterwards, but the damage was already done. It’s starting to get real annoying. I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve e-mailed the developers and they kind of dismissed it (telling me to reboot my phone, shut other running processes, etc). I’ve done what they suggested and it’s still very unreliable.

Luckily I know my route pretty well. So I can judge the distance without the app, and I knew it was way off the entire time. The app reported I ran 3.8 miles, but according to mapmyrun, I ran just 3.46. I thought the app was about a quarter mile off… I guess it was even more than that.

I suspected my last run was off too (I mentioned I lost track of laps at the track). I don’t think I lost track, rather the app over-reported by .25 miles.

So, I ran the 3.46 miles in 34 minutes (9:50 pace). Given the distance I’m not unhappy with that pace.

I felt I could have pushed the pace more today, but I simply enjoyed the leisurely jog.

I might go low-tech for a few runs. Just simply bring a timer. Not only am I tired of the app being unreliable, but I’m getting sick of the music I have too (and I don’t want to buy any more).