2012 Resolutions Update 1

I haven’t abandoned my 2012 resolutions! Here is an update.

  1. Join and attend Toastmasters.
    • Done. I’ve joined and already have given 2 impromptu “table topics” speeches. They were horrible, but that’s what I’m there to improve!
  2. Come up with and follow weekly meal plans.
    • I need to get this going. I spent a lot of time trying to find the right apps and programs to help, but I think the good old fashioned way may be best.
  3. Set up and adhere to a household budget.
    • I gave myself time with this one, which I need. I did start to carefully analyze spending. The next step is to put limits and goals on it.
  4. Start up an IRA.
    • I at least called Fidelity. I think I need to speak with an accountant or financial planner first.
  5. Finish one thing a week.
    • This got completely railroaded by being busier volunteering at my church. I really don’t want the entire list to slip. I need to re-prioritize the list and try to squeeze things in during the week rather than only the weekends.
  6. Identify and eliminate distractions and replace them with something productive and report.
    • I’ve definitely spent a lot of energy and effort in this area. I’ve even launched another blog, EndScatterbrain.com to document it.
  7. Develop skills needed for all above.
    • Definitely ongoing. Currently, I have a list of almost 40 books to read.

Besides resolutions, I’ve tried 30 day challenges too. First was trying to write stream of conscious entries every day, but I bailed in 4 days. Second was eliminating twitter, google+, etc for 30 days, which I succeeded and learned from. Right now I’m trying 30 days without hitting snooze, which I already failed but am still trying. The REAL goal should have been to pop right out of bed (not just not hitting snooze). I’m trying to get to bed earlier so I can do that easier. I can’t believe simple things can be such hard challenges.

That’s all for now.