10 Pounds, It was nice knowing ya

I stuck to my plan of not weighing myself often during my weight loss/fitness/overall health endeavor.

“Buck conventional knowledge and advice” is my new motto. So after waiting 2 weeks, I weighed in and lost over 5 more pounds from where I had been up until that point, which was down 5 pounds. I didn’t have to fight the urge to weigh myself more often. I just didn’t get into that habit.

I started this on 7/27. A little over a month in and I’m down 10 pounds overall. And it’s stating to become noticeable. I had to skip a whole week of jogging due to a cold too… I have been far from “perfect” with my eating, rather I’m a lot better with my eating. It could not be happier.

My easygoing plan is paying off bigtime. No guilt. No real sacrifices. No real pain (I’m bucking the “no pain no gain” motto). Just better choices.