10% of my phone’s storage is bloatware

Irremovable bloatware. I find this pretty offensive and will definitely be more careful next time around when buying a phone. Not only do they take up useful space (10% of it!), some also run in the background and use up the battery too. And they clog up the app tray with garbage. And they also trigger default app prompts at times, like Telenav vs. Google’s Navigate.

I do not want to root my phone to get this stuff off either. I shouldn’t have to. Computers have this kind of thing too, but at least you can uninstall it!!

Here are the biggest offenders:
Think Free Office – 9.18mb – I don’t use it, or want it.
Qik – 8.88mb – Cute, but I don’t want it.
Layar – 4.12mb – I don’t use it, or want it.
Amazon MP3 – 2.92mb – I have used it, but can do without it.
Slacker Radio – 2.64mb – I don’t use it, or want it.
TeleNav – 1.97mb – I don’t use it, or want it.
Double Twist – 1.97mb – I don’t use it, or want it.

News & Weather 0.90mb, Visual Voicemail 0.70mb, Media Hub 0.67mb, T-Mobile TV 0.34mb, and there are many more smaller ones too.

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